IT Support Services

Since 1997, Emissary has been providing professional and quality IT solutions and support to both foreign and Japanese businesses in Japan.

Emissary leads the field with a broad range of expertise and a wide scope of service offerings coupled with a growing team of experienced, long-term multilingual engineers. 

From newly formed start-ups to established SMEs, Emissary is here to work with you on your road to success.

Our service offerings include: 


  • IT Consulting
    For those times when you don't know what you want, or what you need or even what might be possible, Emissary will be there to help you find your way
  • Office IT Support
    Whether you need daily network care or only a few hours of support a month, Emissary creates customized support models to suit your specific needs
  • Third Party Maintenance
    Emissary provides on-site support to replace faulty hardware on enterprise level IT equipment throughout Japan.
  • Websites & Development
    It's the face of your business. Together, let's build an easy to maintain website solution customized to your needs
  • VoIP Phone Systems
    IP phones have several advantages. Emissary will work with you to determine the features you need
  • IT Projects
    If you need help, just ask. We will assist with both the planning and implementation of new IT projects
  • Procurement 
    When you have a choice to make, let us help with the selection, procurement and installation of new equipment and software


Please download a summary of Emissary services here.

Please contact us using our Contact Request Form  or call us at 03-3365-1978 to arrange a meeting.