Websites & Development

Brochure Websites

Emissary can help you build a simple brochure website. Consider us your Internet consultants. 

Our development analysts will assist with everything from finding a designer to building the website. We will also assist with domain purchasing, hosting, responsive web design, SEO implementation, mobile device compatibility, traffic analysis and ongoing website maintenance. 

Internet Database Applications

Emissary has extensive experience building web based database applications.

A web based appication is simply a software application that is accessed through a web browser instead of on your desktop. Web based applications can either be private corporate applications that are accessed within the office or over a VPN connection. They can also be open to corporate customers or to the public in general. 

Examples of the types of web based applications that Emissary has developed are:

  • Membership Applications

    Emissary developed an application that allowed the organization to track membership information, to provide a way to announce and describe events, to allow members to learn about each other and their companies, to allow members to register for events on-line and in real-time according to availability, to automatically create member invoices and to integrate with the organization accounting processes. 

    Emissary developed an add-on for a membership website which allowed members to register for events created by the membership organization.
  • Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRM)

    Emissary developed a custom CRM system to manage customer relationships for a client that required a specific work flow that they were unable to follow using an off-the-shelf package.
  • Document Management System

    Emissary developed a custom inventory system for ordering, tracking and moving archived paper documents from the document archive site to the departments that needed to review the documents. 
  • Inventory Database

    Emissary created a custom inventory tracking system for a company that needed to track shipments of parts to Japan and then to distribute them within Japan when required.

    Emissary created a custom inventory tracking system that tracks inventory for multiple companies stored in multiple warehouses. The application shows the location of each piece of inventory by warehouse/shelf and tracks value, usage and quantity. The system was designed to work with both a web interface and by scanning QR codes with a smartphone. 
  • Invoicing System

    Emissary developed a web based application to track billable hours and to create invoices based upon those hours and other pricing.
  • Custom Ordering System

    Emissary developed an application that tracked inventory and allowed customers to purchase and order the inventory online. The system integrated with the corporate accounting package and kept track of customers, order dates and prices.
  • Human Resources Tool

    Emissary developed a tool to track regular working shifts, overtime work and on-call work to facilitate the payment of staff members. 
  • Ticket Tracking System

    Emissary developed an application to create and track issues opened as "tickets". The system allowed staff to open tickets and update the ticket status on an ongoing basis from start to finish. Ticket statistics are gathered at the closure of each ticket and monthly reports are compiled by customer and location.


Mobile Applications

Emissary can work with you to design and build mobile applications that provide different levels of access to web based applications.