• "Emissary Solutions has been my go to firm for all matters IT in Asia for the last fifteen years. In all of my dealings with them I have been impressed by their no nonsense, straight forward and supportive advice that has, without question, added value to my business and supported our growth and operational success. I have no hesitation in recommending Michael and the team. "
    - Mark Jukes, Founding Partner, Elbrus Partners Limited

  • "In the relatively short time that we have been working with ECS for our I.T. project requirements in Japan, we have come to understand the massive benefit that their underlying qualities and business ideas offer their clients. We had made several unsuccessful attempts to contract a reliable partner in Japan before we partnered with ECS. From the get go they were very fast and efficient in getting back to us in our requests, and I can honestly say that their team has been instrumental in our continuing success and expansion of services into Japan. ECS have a massive advantage in that they are not only bilingual, but bicultural in that they understand both Western business and Japanese business practices, this is what we have found to be the key in operating successfully in Japan. We look forward to continuing long-term success with ECS and, with their help, exploring new business opportunities in Japan and beyond. "
    - Nick Cheras, International Business Manager, Network Dynamics

  • "I’ve known the Emissary team for close to 20 years and have always found them to be extremely knowledgeable and professional. I look forward to our continued business relationship. "
    - Brent Reichow, Co-Founder & President, Blueshift Data Protection

  • "We have been working with Emissary for a number of years now and have always found them to be diligent, professional, and flexible to our demands.

    Our business involves us having to fluctuate with the number of staff and, therefore, the support we require, and Emissary have always been open to renegotiation of services received. We also find their pricing structure to be in line, if not below, market price.

    We would not hesitate in recommending them to anyone. "

    - Chris Parish, COO, Solar Power Network

  • "いつも正確な作業を行っていただき助かりました "
    - Haruo Matsuda, Unilever Japan Holdings

  • "いつも米国本社IT部門のリクエストの応えて頂き、有難うございます。また朝早いOnsite supportにも対応して頂き、感謝しております。今後とも宜しくお願い致します。 "
    - Chiaki Katsura, Office Manager, DTS Japan株式会社

  • "Today we have Scrum and Agile. In the early 2000’s we had Extreme Programming. I brought in Emissary to ease the introduction of this technique to Asia. They helped me co-ordinate business requirements and actual software deliverables across users in South Korea, China and Japan. "
    - S.A. Bearse, Former Asian CIO Bertelsmann

  • "My hard drive had a melt down and I was about to have one too until fortunately someone recommended that I call Emissary. They gave my case top priority, and despite an extremely tricky technical situation they were able to rescue all my data and settings before my hard drive breathed its last gasp. I could not have asked for more professional, competent, and personable assistance. I give Emissary my highest recommendation. "
    - Rochelle Kopp, Managing Principal Japan Intercultural Consulting

  • "'If you have a problem... if no one else can help...hire... The A-Team.' That's pretty much what I can say about ECS:

    We needed a bilingual engineer team, in Japan, who can help us find the right datacenter to rent a half-rack, buy and install servers on our behalf, set-up the middleware, follow our requirements in terms of high availability, configure our own proprietary applications, polishing some front-end stuff and monitor and manage the whole thing 24/7/365.

    Thank you guys for making it happen, in an ultra-short timeline! That's why you are an 'A-team'. "

    - Marc-Alexandre Cartiant, CrossKnowledge - APAC Operations Officier (2008-2010)

  • "Emissary coordinated with our US computer team to move our computers to our new office. They did a fantastic job in a very short time. "
    - Andy Walsh, Executive Director Options Group

  • "Emissary provided us with exactly what we needed i.e. quick, friendly service in a bi-lingual work environment with the ability to coordinate with our Global IT staff on local projects. My thanks and appreciation to the Emissary team. "
    - Richard Okupniak, Senior Managing Director Victrex-MC, Inc.

  • "Emissary Computer Solutions has provided assistance to us with IT services on many different levels. They have provided us help desk services and on site consulting services for the past two years with flawless delivery. Their bi-lingual staff and management style has been a good fit for us and we will continue to use their services well into the future. "
    - Jim Chatlos, VP/CIO Pacific Golf Management K. K

  • "Emissary consultants are project focused and easy to communicate with, which translates into being cost effective. "
    - Joel M. Glasser, ex-Deputy Executive Director The American Chamber of commerce in Japan

  • "Emissary was extremely helpful finding a custom solution to fit our needs. We're now better able to service our clients and have improved the efficiency of workflow, which is saving valuable time. The Emissary team took the time to listen to what we needed and patiently work with us, explaining things in terms that our team can understand well. We've referred several clients to Emissary's "TacoWeb" content management solutions and they've been happy with the product and service. We look forward to working with Emissary in the future. "
    - Gardner Robinson, Director/Editor-in-chief Outdoor Japan Inc.

  • "Emissary impressed us with their multi-cultural operation. Their significantly bi-lingual, bi-cultural business understanding and capability further assured me of their ability to communicate and coordinate clearly with either Western or Japanese entities with which I needed IT links. "
    - Jack McWhorter, Kyoei Lincoln

  • "Emissary's skilled English-speaking staff consistently provides attentive help and support. Any kind of question, silly or substantial, was always welcome and answered with equal care and speed. The dedicated development team assessed our needs and tailored a web management tool that's been solid, flexible, and even fun to use. Working with them made our production time on a new site smooth and stress-free. We'd use Emissary anytime. "
    - Douglas W. Jackson, ACCJ Communications Director