IT Projects

Change is a natural part of a company's growth and Emissary is here to help when growth and change require IT expertise. Some of the more common IT projects that we work on are as follows:

IT Assessments

Our experience has shown us that Information Technology growth within a company is often sparodic and unplanned. This is a natural result of growth and periodic reviews of your IT infrastructure and user requirements will ensure that your IT continues to provide value.

An IT assessment is useful in the following circumstances:

  • There is a change in your existing IT management
  • Employees are complaining that their IT is failing them
  • There are concerns about business continuity, security and backup processes
  • You are looking for areas to save on IT costs and to invest in IT efficiency
  • You want to know what's going on from an IT perspective

Emissary also requires an IT assessment to be performed prior to beginning contracted support services. The purpose of the initial IT assessment is to provide the Emissary IT support team with an overview of the IT environment before supporting it and to highlight any potential concerns.


Office Moves

Relocating your office is a difficult and challenging experience. The IT aspects of the move can be especially troublesome for the uninitiated and inexperienced. Emissary can help by working with your Office Move Co-ordinator on the IT part of the project.

Our experience will help with the following:

  • Provide an IT perspective on new office requirements
  • Assist with Internet connectivity planning
  • Planning and installing network cabling
  • Server room requirements
  • Testing the IT infrastructure after the move is complete 


Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Your data is one of the most important assets your company has. Emissary can work with you to protect your business by designing a backup system that will fit your budget.  

We can work with the following scenarios:

  • Server Backup
  • Workstation  Backup
  • Off-site Backup
  • Cloud Backup
  • Server Image Backup
  • Server Recovery Scenarios
  • Hardware Redundancy
  • Full Backup sites

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