Our Principles and Corporate Values


Mission Statement

Emissary Computer Solutions is dedicated to providing reliable Information Technology support to companies with up to 100 employees



Emissary Computer Solutions will become the most reliable and trusted provider of Information Technology Support to Small Businesses in the Tokyo and Osaka regions of Japan



To strive for improvement by continuously searching for changes in processes with the goal of improving efficiency and quality



Respect Treat all individuals with respect and dignity
Integrity Treat all clients and co-workers in an honest and fair manner
Professionalism Take pride in focusing on every task for every client with the same high degree of dedication and thoroughness
Teamwork Strive to create a corporate culture where diversity of thought and expression are encouraged and cooperatively applied to better accomplish our goals
Focus on Service Apply all efforts in actions, thoughts and deeds so that our client feels like they are completely taken care of and their success is our success


Slogan: Getting IT Together

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