Office IT Support

Your office computer and network systems are an integral part of your daily work and you need them operating well to conduct your business.

Emissary has worked with companies like yours since 1997 and we will work with you to develop support processes which are appropriate to your unique office and networking environment.

We are looking forward to this opportunity to work together with you and to put our experience at your disposal.

Supporting You - How We Do IT

We incorporate the following processes into our support of your office:

  • Your IT Support Team and Support Coordinator will be introduced to you
  • We request that a company liaison from your office be assigned as our main contact person
  • An Emissary contact procedure will be provided
  • An Initial IT Assessment will be planned
  • Comprehensive IT support documentation will be created
  • Remote support procedures will be implemented
  • On-site visits will be planned when required

Please refer to the Emissary Office IT Process Offering Overview for information on our support processes.

Please review the Emissary Office IT Support Plan Overview for service plans and pricing information to determine the best plan for you.

Please contact us using our Contact Request Form  or call us at 03-3365-1978 to arrange a meeting.